About Us


Having 13 years’ experience in the video intercom industry, DNAKE has quickly become one of  leading brands of video intercom in China and offers the latest technology, as well as designing  and manufacturing a full line of innovative video intercom products. We take pride in working  towards of our motto of “Living in A Safer World’.

DNAKE is a group of companies that work together to fulfill our domestic and international  reputation and target. Based on our innovative R&D resources, we establish new companies to  extend our product range. The group consists of the following companies:

DNAKE (XIAMEN) INTELLIGENT TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.: An entity created for manufacturing  various intercom products, such as analogue video door phone, SIP & Android video door phone,  IP public intercom, smart home and wireless video doorbell.

XIAMEN DNAKE PARKING TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.: An entity created to supply the parking guidance and parking lot system and solution.

XIAMEN WORLD-LINKING TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.: An entity created for designing smart home, intelligent hotel system and smart lock.

XIAMEN DNAKE ENVIRONMENTAL INTELLIGENT TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.: An entity created for supplying intelligent ventilation system, water purification system, water & air quality monitoring and floor heating system.

DNAKE HAWK WISDOM IOT TECHNOLOGY (SHANGHAI) CO., LTD.: An entity created for supplying IOT elevator control, dynamic environment monitoring system, industrial IOT, agricultural IOT and smart sensor.

FUZHOU DNAKE IOT TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.: An entity created for supplying NB-IoT application, energy monitoring, analysis & management, rental housing management solution and smart campus management system.

With great growth of sales volume which reaches 30% each year, DNAKE branches provide service for 320 cities and surrounding areas in China and cooperate with strategic partners over the global market. We have been awarded as one of “Top 10 brands” in China from 2011 to 2017. We take full responsibility for our actions and decisions, and assure to provide the best after-sales service.