Q: The monitor can’t be power on, or power-off automatically.
A: Check whether the power cord loose or not, power on again.

Q: There’s no response when clicking the monitor screen.
A: Long  press  unlock  button  for  5  seconds,  or  slowly  sliding  along  the  direction  of  arrow, horizontal or vertical on the LCD,the system will enter into the following interface.
Then click the center of cross intersection from ①to⑤in turn. After adjustment, the system will be exited automatically.


Q: The screen on the indoor monitor is dark.
A: Please check the brightness and contrast setting.

Q: There’s no voice during the call.
A: Please check whether it’s muted, or the volume is turn off.

Q: The indoor monitor can’t monitor outdoor panel.
A: Please check whether there’s other users are monitoring outdoor panel.

Q: The multi-media file can’t be played.
A: Please check the format is correct or not, for the details please refer to user manual.

Q: The screen is not sensitive.
A: Please tear off the protective film, and make sure your finger is dry, or reboot the device.

Q: Can’t access web page of indoor monitor.
A: Please check whether your PC and indoor monitor are in the same network segment.