Star Hotel

system function

01 Guest Room Reservation

The guest books the room and views room photos & hotel information over the network. 

02 Check-in Card

After the guest arrives at the hotel, the welcome message and hotel service information will be pushed. After the room is booked, the air conditioner will move to working mode (high fan speed and low temperature in the first three minutes, and medium fan speed & temperature later. When the fan speed and temperature are appropriate, the air conditioner will be turned off if no card is inserted in ten minutes). The exhaust fan in bathroom uses the energy-saving mode, which provides a better living environment for the guest.

03 Elevator

After checking in, the guest walks into the elevator and goes to the specified floor by swiping room card. When the guest walks out of the elevator cab, the lighted room No. and guidance sign are in front. The lighting facilities will be turned on automatically, illuminating the corridor from the elevator to the guest room successively. Meanwhile, the light of door plate flashes, which is easy for the guest to find the room.

04 Door Plate and Status Display

There is the panel for door bell + status display (Don’t disturb, Please wait, Clean up room, Check-out) outside the guest room. The panel can confirm current status of the room. The status will be delivered to the front desk and housing service center through guest room control software in order to ensure the housekeeper and visitor pay a visit in appropriate time.

05 Enter 

When the guest opens the door, the corridor light will flick on automatically. After the card is inserted for the access, “Welcome Mode” will be enabled for the guest who stays at the hotel for the first time: room lights (can be set to be off) and curtain will be turned on automatically, and the air conditioner will be adjusted to normal mode automatically. For the guests who come back from outside or are long-stay guests, “Memory Mode” will be enabled: the last mode in the guest room control software will start to offer a better experience. The service events (service request, please make up, and SOS, etc.) and security events will be sent to the front desk and housing service center by voice and text through guest room control software. The information will be pushed to related staff for processing and recording the time.

06 Hotel O2O

Online room service, booking service, one-key gifting, quick service, next destination reservation, TV live, music appreciation, and HD Theater

07 Guest Room Control

The light, air conditioner, TV, music and curtain can be controlled through wall switch, bedside centralized control or the APP in the cell phone via wireless network. 

08 Out

Turn off the room lights in delayed time; the air conditioner will enter the energy-saving mode automatically; the front desk will receive a voice prompt that the guest is out.

09 Back

When the guest is back, “Memory Mode” is enabled: the air conditioner, lighting and TV will automatically return to the set mode and parameter when the guest leaves.

10 Check-out

The customer can inform the front desk, housing service center (for checking) and bellman through Check Out panel, cell phone or tablet computer; the air conditioner will enter an energy-saving mode automatically in delayed time (settable); the system will send the message to the APP of housekeeping staff to remind the cleanup.